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Selected Publications

  • K Makovi, A Sargsyan, W Li, J Bonnefon, T Rahwan (2023). "Trust within human-machine collectives depends on the perceived consensus about cooperative norms". Nature Communications. Accepted; in press.

For a full list of papers, see my Google Scholar page.

Selected Media Coverage


Gender Inequality Among Editors


Weaponizing Disinformation

Transparency in Human-Bot Interaction

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Ethnic Diversity & Scientific Collaboration

Hiding in Social Networks


AI's 10 to Watch

  • I was selected by IEEE Computer Society as one of AI's 10 to WatchThe list is published every 2 years by IEEE Intelligent Systems in recognition of the 10 most promising, young Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers in the world.


Meet the Team

Here are the talented researchers whom I am proud to call my team:


Marcin Waniek

Postdoctoral Associate.

Works on identifying ways in which private information can be hidden from attribute inference algorithms. His work got published in Nature Human Behaviour and Scientific Reports; see Marcin's webpage.


Balaraju Battu

Postdoctoral Associate.

Interested in human machine interaction in the context of social and ethical dilemmas. His work got published in Scientific Reports and in Royal Society Open Access. See Balaraju's Google Scholar profile.

Sid Benabderrahmane

Postdoctoral Associate.

Examines social phenomena through the lens of Machine Learning and Data Mining. See Sid's Google Scholar profile.

Fengyuan (Michael) Liu

PhD student:

Studies scientific collaborations while focusing on the conflicts of interest that arise when scientists act as journal editors.

Lab Alumni

Here are the talented researchers and students whom I was fortunate enough to work with as part of my lab. 

Bedoor AlShebli

Previously a postdoc in my lab, now an Assistant Prof. at New York University Abu Dhabi. Her work got published in Nature Communications, PNAS, and Science Advances; see Bedoor's webpage.

Mayada Oudah

Following her PhD under my supervision, Mayada joined New York University Abu Dhabi as a Postdoctoral Associate. Her work on Human-Bot interaction got published in Nature Communications.

Maria Sahakyan

Formerly a postdoc at my lab, now a Postdoctoral Associate at New York University Abu Dhabi. Her research falls at the intersection of Explainable AI and Computational Social Science.


Russell Coke

After working as a research engineer in my lab, Russell joined the Computer Networks Lab at New York University Abu Dhabi. His work focused on improving web-access for users in developing regions.

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